Access Control

Access control is something many commercial buildings and schools have nowadays to help keep unwanted visitors from entering their building. Norfolk Alarms offer a variety of access control systems. We can offer a simple single door system with a keypad outside and magnetic lock installed on the door. Through to much larger systems which have multiple doors and can be interlinked with other buildings so people don’t have to carry multiples of fobs for different areas.

Many of the access control systems can be managed from PC software and can be app based. This allows anyone who manages your access to your building to prevent or allow access from anywhere making everything within your office or school run much smoother quicker and efficiently.

Norfolk Alarms are your one-stop package, many people want to add access control to their fire doors but are always worried if they do how will it affect their fire risk assessment and insurance. Norfolk Alarms are capable of connecting access control systems to a wide variety of fire alarm panels so if the fire alarm is triggered all doors can be automatically unlocked, allowing public or staff out of the building safely or the fire brigade in.

access control
access control
access control
access control
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CCTV Systems

We can install very small and simple CCTV systems through to the high-end commercial HD IP PTZ cameras with alarms sensors, which can move and zoom the cameras to whatever caused the alarm.

Intruder Alarms

Our intruder systems are highly advanced but still very simple to use. We can install very simple systems to more advanced systems which can call you via a dialler through to the fully monitored systems such as RedCare or Dualcom which can give you a police response to your property.

Access Control

Norfolk Alarms are able to cover everything from a simple single door system with a keypad outside and magnetic lock installed on the door, to larger systems which have multiple doors and are interlinked with other buildings.

Fire Alarms

We can provide full security and fire alarm systems for your home or workplace.


We are accredited to SSAIB, the leading certification body for the provision of security systems.

SSAIB registration NORF081.

SSAIB registered
UKAS certified for Intruder Alarm Systems
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