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CCTV has come on massively in the last 5 years with cameras becoming far cheaper and much better. Norfolk Alarms has kept up with times and we installing more and more CCTV every day. We can install very small and simple systems through to the high-end commercial HD IP PTZ cameras with alarms sensors, which can move and zoom the cameras to whatever caused the alarm.

We are installing many CCTV systems in domestic houses around the North Norfolk coastline allowing our customers to have peace of mind that their holiday home is safe via the remote viewing app which can be installed and view from many devices like iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.

As with the rise in heating oil and diesel costs many people like to have camera’s looking at these tanks due to the number of thefts in the area. Norfolk Alarms can provide solutions to help protect these items along with the rest of your building.

As with the rise in scrap metal thefts many farmyards have been attacked with this type of theft. We can provide IP CCTV cameras which can wireless link between farm sheds making CCTV far more affordable and popular option.

CCTV imagery

Keep a close eye on your home with our remote viewing app.

Installing HIKVISION ColorVu for Clear Vision Even at Night

If you are looking for surveillance even with low-level light then ask us to quote for ColorVu. It uses advanced sensor technology to give high-resolution images even when it is completely dark outside or street lighting is low.

ColorVu cctv in colour at night
Authorised solution partner for HikVision


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